The rapid advances in telecommunication technology and the emergence of novel network architectures, next-generation mediation and provisioning platforms create the need to adapt traditional operations workflow in the enterprise environment. The requirement for rapid design, development and deployment of innovative services is expected to be the key factor in succeeding in the current competitive enterprise environment. In this context, there is a recurrent need to envisage and implement end-to-end solutions that fulfill the requirements that span from SMEs to large enterprises.

AVN Group's core competence is the unique combination of managerial and technical skills, knowledge and capabilities. Our expertise spans in key areas of the ICT domain including efficiency enhancing design flows & tools, application specific system design, testing and quality assurance tools and training in the above areas. The management team comprises of highly skilled people that can foresee the market demands of the IT and communications market in the forthcoming years and have the capability to establish the required partnerships and alliances.


core competence in the following technological domains:


Energy Efficient & Green Solutions
  • Energy aware load balancers
  • Cognitive Radio
  • Low Power Design
  • Vehicle to Vehicle Networking
  • Machine to machine communications


Embedded Solutions & Architectures
  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • Software/performance intensive systems
  • Real time applications/architectures
  • Design automation tools


Technical Consulting and Training
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Custom Embedded solutions for efficient system design
  • Telecommunications Security
  • Next Generation Networks Migration Strategy


Cloud Based Infrastructure Services
  • Migration workflow tool chain
  • Hardware Acceleration integration


End-to-End Security Solutions
  • IDS for Greenfield operators
  • Risk assessment tools

ICT Resources

ICT Resource Management
  • ICT infrastructure planning, acquisition and operation management
  • Energy grid automation

AVN Group aims to enter a dynamic marketing technological area targeting forward-looking product development by providing customized ICT solutions for major (tele)communication vendors and system integrators with strong position in the EMEA market segments. However, we foresee that potential and dynamic opportunities will appear in other market areas such as South East Asia and emerging markets. The market conditions and technology status quo at this time will determine the ultimate expansion direction of product and service lines.

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